Products for your short trip getaway!

Greetings from Rain & Joe!

As you know, Malaysia has lifted its ban on interstate & overseas travel. In fact, we know a lot of Malaysians are eager to spend this time having a short getaway with their loved ones. And what a better way to spent those weekend’s getaway with some of our Homedoki products that we have installed just for you. Have the best travel experience with various selection of items that designed perfectly for your traveling needs! Take a look at some of the products we have to offer.

Homedoki 7 in 1 Travel Organizer 

Storage Organizer Luggage Bag

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Messy undergarments can be a sight for sore eyes, what worst is to even sort them during your long day of vacation when you are already tired from all the fun. Fear not! This Travel Organizer is the perfect storage for your traveling needs! Made from good quality cation material, it design to prevent bacterial growth & reduce odor smells from your innerwear. With it space-saving design, you can store it anywhere you want even inside your carrying bag!


Portable Multipurpose Travel Bag 

Multipurpose Storage Traveling Bag

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One of the best clutter- free companions you could ever ask for! This Portable Multipurpose Travel Bag not only does it store away your messy cosmetic products, it can also store various essential items such as toiletries, oral care products, electricity device & many more! Built with waterproof material, this cylinder can protect most of your item out of water reach.


As always, we would like to thank all our loyal customers for the continuous support. We would also wish everybody a safe trip during their short get-away, take good care and stay safe.

Till then stay tune!
-Rain & Joe